Who we are

We are Amigo – a specialist in guarantor loans. We offer straight-forward, hassle-free business loans that aren’t based on your personal credit score. By providing a guarantor, we can offer a second chance to get your business off the ground where you may have been declined for credit elsewhere.

Free from complex applications and lengthy decision processes, we’re just real people lending to real people. Straight-forward loans, built on trust.

Who we fund

Our business loans range from £1,000 to £10,000 and are the perfect platform for your business to take its first steps or to expand outwards. We’ve already helped over 13,000 small-business owners with the funds they need to take their businesses further.

Our lending criteria is simple - if you can afford the monthly repayments and your guarantor has agreed to back you, then we can back you too. This makes a change from lenders who will often only approve a business loan if you can show two or three years’ worth of tax statements or company accounts, which could be difficult if you’re new to business or your credit score isn’t good.

We won’t judge you on your credit score or previous business knowledge. We’re here to offer an opportunity where other lenders may have said no.

Why businesses like working with us

Before we came along, your options could be limited if you needed a loan but had been declined for credit from mainstream lenders. But thanks to our flexible repayment options, finding a loan term to suit your exact needs regardless of your personal credit profile is now easier than ever. We’ll ensure we’re paying out exactly the right loan for you and that it’s the best option for your situation.

Our early settlement options also allow you to manage the loan in a way that reflects the success of your business. If you’re in a position to make overpayments or settle early, you can pay the loan off at any time and save money. Plus, there are no fees or charges at any stage during the loan.


“Really pleasant experience. Amigo Loans had an easy and painless process for me to undergo and my loan was paid out in a matter of days.”

“Quick application friendly service would definitely recommend to anyone. Extremely satisfied with the service I received.”

“Amigo loans was prompt and helpful even though I had a bad credit reference.”

Available loan types

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