Who we are

Social Investment Business (SIB) provides finance to create fairer communities, helping impact-led organisations to improve people’s lives. We are the UKs leading investor in charities and social enterprises - Since 2004, SIB has deployed and managed c.£0.5bn of loans and grants to over 2,000 organisations.

Who we fund

We fund charities and social enterprises working in all sectors across the UK that can demonstrate they are improving people’s lives. Lending ranges from £100k to £1.5m for up to 5 years.

Why businesses like working with us

SIB is customer-centred and puts relationships first. We specialise in understanding the needs of our sector - we only provide funding to charities and social enterprises, and we are a charity and not-for-profit enterprise ourselves.


"Rather than downsizing and cut back, we expanded our reach, cut the cost of service delivery and increased impact per pound delivered.
Dr Tom Pey, Chief Executive, The Royal Society for Blind Children (Resilience and Recovery Loan Fund Investee)

“The loan has helped us survive the outbreak because it has given us working capital and enabled us to survive the cash flow requirements of salaries and rents for the business for six months.”
Zoe Raven, CEO and Founder, Acorn Early Years Foundation (Resilience and Recovery Loan Fund Investee)

Available loan types

Loans between £100,000 - £1.5 million / Grant blend available for charities/social enterprises in England

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